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World Premiere - Official Selection, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden, 2009
Angel Film Awards, 2009, Monaco International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection, London Independent Film Festival, UK, 2010
Valentine's Day Screening - The Short before the Feature, Forum Cinema, Hexham, UK 2009
CAIIFF, California Independent International Film Festival, Not in Competition, 2009
Monaco International Film Festival Showcase, 2009
Official Selection, Swansea Bay Film Festival, Wales 2010
Official Selection, Cannes Independent Film Festival, France 2010
Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival, France 2010
Official Selection, European Méliès d'Or Competition 2010, Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Finland, 2010
 Dare Media Underground Festival, Cork Ireland
 Selection, Film Directing 4 Women Festival 2010, Official Selection London 
 Selection, Cambridge Film Festival, UK, September 2010
 Impakt Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands - Saturday, 16 October at 17.00 hrs at Filmtheater 't Hoogt, Zeal 1 - Official Selection Panorama Section no. 3  
 Waterford Film Festival, Ireland -  Official Selection, Saturday 6 November at 12.30pm at Greyfriars Art Gallery, Greyfriars Street, Waterford
 Yasujiro Ozu International Short Film Festival 2010, Italy

Josephine Halbert - Writer, Producer and Director

Josephine Halbert is a British artist, writer and film-maker. Her work in print and film-making has been exhibited at galleries and festivals internationally. Before studying art and pursuing a career as a creative person, she worked in the PR field of film and media, a world away from the hands-on production side of art and film-making she is now obsessed by.

She divides her time between London and Northumberland. Her favourite food is rose-flavoured Turkish Delight.

Looking forward

Time Travel Boyfriends (2009)
award-winning film

A woman's fantasy love-letter to the unavailable men of her dreams. The ten minute short film is Josephine's first adventure with 35mm and is adapted from her recent book of the same name. The film is a fantasy love letter to a diverse collection of men from history who inspire her romantic imagination and include Marlon Brando, Brunel and rock star Jim Morrison.

"Adapting the book to film, I decided the best approach was to create short scenes, a tableau of 'memory' sequences to illustrate the girl storyteller's fantasy moments with each man. Some are happy and some not...but that is the best thing about fantasy - we can all choose which bits we want to dwell on. We can all be the writers of our own personal histories!" Josephine Halbert

The film is currently enjoying success on the international film festival circuit and has already won four awards:

Best Original Short Story and Special Mention Screenplay, Angel Film Awards, Monaco International Film Festival 2009

Winner, 'Short Film UK Under 15 Minutes, UK' Swansea Bay Film Festival, Wales, 2010

Prix RADi award at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival, 2010

Looking back

Time Travel Boyfriends (2007/2008)
Time Travel Boyfriends is a series of twelve original pictures, each depicting a 1920’s style cartoon-like girl character swooning over a framed image of a different dream boyfriend. The girl character has been the artist’s signature doodle since childhood and has had many reincarnations. The series has been exhibited at:

Beverley Knowles Fine Art in London in December 2007

Tenderpixel Gallery in Covent Garden, London at a special Valentine's exhibition in February 2008

The Chelsea Festival at Chelsea Farmers Market in London in June 2008

The work is currently exhibited at the Robinson Gay Gallery in Northumberland

Shadow Buddy (2003)

A tribute to her childhood imaginary friend, Shadow Buddy was Josephine’s first dramatic narrative, shot on location at Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland, UK.

Her nine minute mystical fantasy shot on dvcam about a woman meeting the grown-up version of her childhood imaginary friend is a tribute to the director’s own imaginary childhood companion.

Screenings at film festivals included Chichester and Sitges.

When It Suits Me (2000)
An animated short film based on Josephine’s first illustrated book about fantasy creatures in search of adventures was created with animator Sheila Graber

Screenings at film festivals included Raindance, Montecatini, Aubagne and Delhi.