Time Travel Boyfriends creating page image
Photo of James Lewis
on set of Time Travel Boyfriends
Time Travel Boyfriends - Josephine Halbert,
Josephine Halbert
I had no idea what was involved in making a good old fashioned 35mm film before working with this very talented and generous spirited team of people and can never thank them enough for making it a great and happy experience at every stage of the creating...
All the people who helped make Josephines film...
The Cast
Time Travel Boyfriends - Tim Seyfert,

Tim Seyfert:
the eight Time Travel Boyfriends
Time Travel Boyfriends - Hannah Peretz,
Also starring

Hannah Peretz:
acting and production producer
Time Travel Boyfriends - Nick Gordon Smith,
Nick Gordon Smith:
director of photography
Time Travel Boyfriends - Karoline Moser,
Karoline Moser:
Time Travel Boyfriends - Michelle Woods,
Michelle Woods:
sound designer
Time Travel Boyfriends - Alwyn Daniel,
Alwyn Daniel:
co-art director and assistant director
Time Travel Boyfriends - Susanna Peretz,
Susanna Peretz:
make-up and hair designer
Time Travel Boyfriends - Rachel McWha,
Rachel McWha:
costume designer
Time Travel Boyfriends - Dean Loxton,
Dean Loxton:
production manager
Time Travel Boyfriends - Amy Odell,
Amy Odell:
Everyone else who made it possible
Production Producer
Hanna Peretz
Amy Odell
Make-up and Hair Designer
Susanna Peretz
Costume Designer
Rachel McWha
Production Co-ordinator
Dean Loxton
Focus Pullers
James Lewis and Thomas Fishwick
Clapper Loader
Nicolas Martin
James Holliday and Stuart Hurst
Dominic Devine
Electrical Equipment Supplier
Practical Wholesdale Ltd
Assistant to Make-up and Hair Designer
Kirsty Phillips
Drivers and Runners
Chris Newcombe, John Hoddinott and Gavin Rolph
Assistant Offline Editor
Emma Gahan
Telecine by
Technicolor Creative Services (UK) Ltd
Post Production Facility
Ascent 142, London
Online Editors
Rob Gordon and Emily Greenwood
Rob Pizzey
Title Design
Dan Helme
Post Production Supervisor
Rob Farris
VFX Facility
Post Sound Production
Pepper Sound, London
Sound Mix Re-recording Artist
Howard Bargroff
Sound Mix Recorded at
Pepper Sound, London
Foley Artist
Barnaby Smyth
Foley Mixer
Keith Partridge
Foley Recorded at
Hackenbacker Audio Post Prod, London
Narration by
Josephine Halbert
French Translation
Stephane Ly-Cuong
Original Voice Over Recording Engineer
Neale Laxton
Voice Over Recorded at
Alchemy Soho, London
Original Music Recording Producer
Jolyon Vaughan Thomas
Original Music Recorded at
White Leather Studios, Hampshire
Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire
Unit Still Photographer
Sonny Malhotra