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Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison became a legend in his own lifetime as a poet-libertine hero whose life in the fast lane challenged any boundaries in his way. Famed as the voice of The Doors, he has an eternal iconic appeal.

"Dreaming of Jim Morrison evokes times of free-spirited youth that we sometimes long for - the 'soulmate' who shares his romantic vision with only you. I'd like to call him up in the middle of the night and suggest a poet's tour together, hedonistic and free while the 'other' world sleeps, our few hours charmed by lamplight and the generosity of the fairies..."
Josephine Halbert

Photo: Jim Morrison/Getty Images
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Isambard Kingdom Brunel followed his successful French father into the world of engineering and carved out a remarkable career during the British Industrial Revolution. This pint-sized genius with his 'can-do' energy was a 'man of his time'.

"Brunel inspires as the 'ideas' man. I can imagine him sharing his 'visions' with me and being enthralled by his energy and magnetism. He would have been off creating all the time, of course, which could be infuriating for anyone sharing his life but it could suit those of us who like a little space in our relationships - as long as we knew it was us he came home to...!"
Josephine Halbert

Photo: Brunel/Brunel University Library
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The Time Travel Boyfriends Love Seat

As featured in the film of Time Travel Boyfriends, the love seat, designed and built by Andrew Bottomley of Compleat Interiors, Hexham, Northumberland was exhibited at the TenderPixel Gallery in 2008.